I'm putting new designs into my Redbubble shop every week, below are a few of these.  These designs are available on t-shirts, hoodies, contrast tops, sleeeveless tops, leggings etc for men, women and children.  You can also buy cushions, duvets, bags, phone cases, laptop cases, greetings cards, stickers, wall prints, notebooks and mugs with the designs on.  Click on the following link to see more - Grumpy Teds @ Redbubble

  • Running Panda
    Running Panda
  • Just A Whippet
    Just A Whippet
  • Swimming Elephant
    Swimming Elephant
  • Canicross - Woman & Springer Spaniel
    Canicross - Woman & Springer Spaniel
  • Canicross - Man & Beagle
    Canicross - Man & Beagle
  • Girls Are Rocket Scientists Too!
    Girls Are Rocket Scientists Too!
  • Don't Ask, My Face Says It All!
    Don't Ask, My Face Says It All!
  • Panda Triathlon
    Panda Triathlon
  • Cycling Panda
    Cycling Panda
  • I Hate Football
    I Hate Football
  • Cycling Elephant
    Cycling Elephant
  • Elephant Triathlon
    Elephant Triathlon
  • Swimming Grizzly Bear
    Swimming Grizzly Bear
  • Junior Gardeners
    Junior Gardeners
  • French Bulldog
    French Bulldog
  • Canicross - Woman & Border Collie
    Canicross - Woman & Border Collie
  • Swimming Panda
    Swimming Panda
  • Monsters Day Out!
    Monsters Day Out!
  • Motherbored
  • Grizzly Bear Triathlon
    Grizzly Bear Triathlon
  • Running Grizzly Bear
    Running Grizzly Bear
  • Space Cadet
    Space Cadet
  • Canicross - Man & Labrador
    Canicross - Man & Labrador
  • Cycling Grizzly Bear
    Cycling Grizzly Bear
  • French Bulldog
    French Bulldog
  • Our Solar System
    Our Solar System


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