About Me

Grumpy Teds

In 2012 I bought a small forlorn looking teddy bear at a boot fair; a year later I found an identical bear in a secondhand toyshop. These two bears looked very grumpy (despite being rescued!) and they are the inspiration for Grumpy Teds.  About this time I started producing a range of greetings cards and thought teddy bears would be a great subject for cards.  Unfortunately, although these two bears were very photogenic they were someone elses design and I couldn't use them - so, what to do?  I decided to make my own bears to photograph.  I enjoyed making teddy bears so much that I am now making teddy bears for sale; they are hand stitched using a variety of quality mohair fabrics with imitation suede fabrics for the paws. Also for sale and handmade by me - travel trunks, jackets, hoodies and rucksacks.

I also made teddy bears from coloured felt fabrics, making buttons the same colour as each bear.  Although these bears were not made for sale I thought 'Wouldn't they look great as illustrations' - hence the Button Bear greetings cards.  I then thought 'Wouldn't they look great on t-shirts', so the Grumpy Teds clothing range began.


During 2018 I looked for other ways to get my designs out there and onto products.  There are a number of what they call 'Dropping Shipping' sites, this is where the designer loads their designs onto the site and tweeks the designs to suit different products - everything from t-shirts, to mugs, to phone cases etc.  It's been a bit of a slog (very time consuming) but I managed to start selling from several sites - Redbubble, Society6, Zazzle, Spoonflower and Etsy (linked with  a fulfillment company called Printful).  You can purchase a range of products from all of these sites, even from different designers and believe me there are some amazing designers and artists out there.  I now have my own ecommerce site with new designs being added all the time.  I still have some of the old designs and greetings cards available on Ebay on the following link - GRUMPY TEDS @ EBAY

Photography & Illustration

I still enjoy photography and many of my photographs are inspired by my walks through the Kent countryside. When composing a photograph I try to create the same effect as if I were painting or drawing it, reflecting my love of colour and shape. The ever changing landscape is a constant source of inspiration. I work mainly with watercolour and gouache, I love the fluidity and transparency of watercolour but I also love detail. Both can be seen in the different styles of illustration. I also like to add a bit of humour; I hope my illustrations of children and dogs will make people smile!  You can see my illustrations and photographs on the Illustration & Photography page.

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