Handmade Belly Button Bears


Handmade Teddy Bears - Travel Teds Belly Button Bears

Looking for a unique handmade gift for an occasion or just because you love someone.  My bears can be made to order with any theme for example - wedding, christianing, hobby or profession.  Being 'Travel Teds' these bears come with their own passport, you can also buy the bear just as it is or with a travel trunk.

My bears are made from high quality mohair and each bear is unique and individually numbered.  Because these bears are handmade, although two bears may be made from the same mohair there will always be differences, especially the faces; they will always have their own personality!  The bears are 21cm/8.25 inches in height and weigh approximately 225 grams.

Click on the galleries below to see larger views of the bears.

All teddy bears and accessories ©Jacqueline Morris
  • Ruby Red
    Ruby Red
  • Purple 'Hugh'
    Purple 'Hugh'
  • Lovely Lilac
    Lovely Lilac
  • Mellow Yellow
    Mellow Yellow
  • Darkly Grey
    Darkly Grey
  • Limey Green
    Limey Green
  • Turquoise Ted
    Turquoise Ted
  • Lightly Grey
    Lightly Grey
Handmade Belly Button Bears
The bears are ¬£80.00 each, this includes postage and packaging to the UK, please enquire through the 'Contact' page for postage prices to other countries.  Their called Belly Button Bears because - well I think that's obvious!  They also have needle felting on their paw pads.  These are the first eight colours, there are more bears being made in other colours.  The bears are named dependent upon the mohair they are made from, you can give your bear any name you want and just because a bear has a boys name it dosen't mean that mohair can only be a boy bear and visa-versa. I can leave the name and gender section of the passport blank or put those details in for you. If you are interested in purchasing a bear please use the contact page to make your enquiry.

They have their passports ready, have a great sense of adventure and are just waiting for the next exciting holiday.


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