Illustration & Photography


It's not 'all about the bear'.  Below are samples of my illustrations and photgraphy.

Click on the thumbnails to view a larger image.


  • Tower Bridge
    Tower Bridge
  • Buckingham Palace
    Buckingham Palace
  • Night Time
    Night Time
  • Shopping
  • On The Bus
    On The Bus
  • Junior Gardeners
    Junior Gardeners
  • Time For Bed
    Time For Bed
  • Snow Jump
    Snow Jump
  • Tall Tails
    Tall Tails
  • Running Together
    Running Together
  • A Bit of a Stretch
    A Bit of a Stretch
  • The Need For Speed
    The Need For Speed
  • Walking My Puppy
    Walking My Puppy
  • Dhonis Day Off
    Dhonis Day Off
  • Spanish Siesta
    Spanish Siesta
  • Somerset Shell
    Somerset Shell
  • Candles
  • Follow Me
    Follow Me
  • Poppies
  • Poppy Heads
    Poppy Heads
  • Winchelsea Beach
    Winchelsea Beach
  • Elmstone Parish Church
    Elmstone Parish Church
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