Kickstarter Planning

Tuesday, March 29, 2016, 10:23
I thought about launching a project on Kickstarter late last year but realised the run up to Christmas probably wasn't a good time.  As I mentioned before I decided to use the time to create new t-shirt designs - time well spent.
The most important thing to do is research.  I've looked at other t-shirt campaigns on Kickstarter and projects with different creative goals.  A good video is very important, you have to present yourself as professional, this gives potential backers faith that you might actually achieve your goal.
At this time I'm working on a couple of animations, one which will be a reward and one which will be incorporated in my main video.  Must admit I'm dreading the video as I'm not very photogenic - hey ho.

Obviously one of the most important bits of reserach to do is read the Kickstarter handbook from cover to cover there are other sources out there though, here are a few useful links - 

Kickstarter Creator Handbook

Youtube - How To Get Funded On Kickstarter

Youtube - Watch This Before You Launch A Crowdfunding Campaign

There's a lot of information out there, but in brief - read the Creator Handbook, look at similar projects and look at projects which have succeeded to learn from them.  Be professional and make a good video.  There is a lot of advice about making a video on the site and you don't need an expensive camera.

Hopefully I'll be following my own advice!

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