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One day, I keep saying that to myself.  Yes, one day I will have a DTG (Direct To Garment) printer of my own and I'll be able to take all my designs along to a show.
In the meantime though I've found  They host artists shops and from my shop you can buy all of my old favourites and new designs on everything from a t-shirt to a mug!  They have lots of differnet styles of t-shirts - mens, womens, unisex, kids, round neck, v-neck, short sleeves, long sleeves, hoodies etc in a great choice of colours.  They can also print my designs onto mugs, bags, bed linen, towels, phone cases, rugs, pillows and even shower curtains.
Click on the link below to have a look, I'm really pleased with my new designs, I hope you'll be too.


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You can see the new range of t-shirt designs on the home page on the slide show at the top of the page.  New designs will be added on a regular basis.

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Hopefully you've noticed a change to this website.  I've hopefully made it a lot easier to navigate around the site and some tidying up should make the site load a lot faster.

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At the beginning of July I signed back into Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  All three of these social medias had been dormant for quite some time.  I launched a competition to win one of my handmade bears.  Over 1,000 people entered the competition - wow.  The majority of entries were generated by Twitter, there seems to be quite a lot of competitions on Twitter so it generates a lot of traffic.  
I discovered that you can now stream live on Facebook so roping in my neighbours I did the draw live on Sunday 31st July (watching the video back I'm definitely going on a diet).  A winner was picked and Priscilla is off to a new home where I'm sure she'll be loved.

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I thought about launching a project on Kickstarter late last year but realised the run up to Christmas probably wasn't a good time.  As I mentioned before I decided to use the time to create new t-shirt designs - time well spent.
The most important thing to do is research.  I've looked at other t-shirt campaigns on Kickstarter and projects with different creative goals.  A good video is very important, you have to present yourself as professional, this gives potential backers faith that you might actually achieve your goal.
At this time I'm working on a couple of animations, one which will be a reward and one which will be incorporated in my main video.  Must admit I'm dreading the video as I'm not very photogenic - hey ho.

Obviously one of the most important bits of reserach to do is read the Kickstarter handbook from cover to cover there are other sources out there though, here are a few useful links - 

Kickstarter Creator Handbook

Youtube - How To Get Funded On Kickstarter

Youtube - Watch This Before You Launch A Crowdfunding Campaign

There's a lot of information out there, but in brief - read the Creator Handbook, look at similar projects and look at projects which have succeeded to learn from them.  Be professional and make a good video.  There is a lot of advice about making a video on the site and you don't need an expensive camera.

Hopefully I'll be following my own advice!


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